Book Review – The Escapades of Glamour Grans on Holiday

The Escapades of Glamour Grans on Holiday – Golden Girls go to Africa!

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Author: Micki Street
Format: Kindle

Life doesn’t slow down after sixty, for some it just starts getting interesting.  Searching for adventure and excitement, Dotty, Wilma, and Nora decide an African beach holiday and Safari are just the ticket.  However, con man and drug lord Lucas talk the women into visiting his country in an attempt to use them as hostages to avoid a drug bust by the local and international authorities.  What starts as a vacation quickly turns into a harrowing adventure for the grannies.  Tropical storms, opium drug busts, and treacherous mountain roads are just part of their escapades.  Fortunately for them, they have an ever watchful guardian keeping them just one step out of harms way.

Micki Street’s “The Escapades of Glamour Grans on Holiday” reminded me of late 1980s American Television series The Golden Girls.  In fact, this could be the screenplay for a “Golden Girls Movie”.  Sure, there is the whole drug lord and law enforcement operation to get the bad guys, but this part of the story arc is really background material.  This novel is first and foremost a comedic adventure of how a group of grannies find themselves making one ill informed move after another and winding up in a heap of trouble.  Like the Golden Girls, each granny has a very strong character – especially Dotty who is the group’s ring leader.  Also, these grannies talk about sex a lot!  It reminded me of my fraternity days.  I say – good for them!

All in all, “The Escapades of Glamour Grans on Holiday” is a light, fun read.  There were a couple of times where the perspectives shift around in the same scene making it a bit uneven, and I did wonder what happened to their collective common sense in some situations but then I reminded myself to suspend a bit of disbelief and just enjoy.  I’m sure these ladies will find themselves in more trouble in the future and look forward to Street’s future offerings.

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  1. Mary A. Berger

    Sounds like a hoot. Is Micki Street planning on releasing her book as a paperback? I don’t own a Kindle, so am not able to order it. Please let me know if or when she puts it out in paperback. Thanks.

    Mary A. Berger
    Author of the Mattie’s Mysteries Series

    • Hi Mary

      Unfortunately, I have no plans at moment to put in paperback. Send me your email and I will mail you the smashword version which you can read off your computer – or you can download kindle for pc from Amazon and will send you the kindle version. Email: I would love to know what you think of my delectable, but naughty grannies.


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