Book Review – The Festival on Lyris 5

The Festival on Lyris 5 – Great Sci Fi at a Great Price!

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Author: Nick Daws
Format: Kindle

Dishonorably discharged from the Ten Stars Space Fleet, Captain Richard Barrett spends his day drinking and womanizing.  It’s an okay life but not entirely fulfilling until a telepath – Julie Halloran – enters his life or rather saves it.  Grateful for feeding him information during a poker game where his life had been at stake, Richard listens to Julie’s proposition for him pilot a craft.  The issue and the opportunity is that the ship will be filled with illegal drugs bound for the Festival on Lyris 5.  The festival runs for three weeks and is held once every ten years.  Given the lawless nature of Lyris 5, it offers the perfect opportunity for enterprising drug runners to make big money.  Seeing the opportunity and looking to shake things up a bit, Richard agrees to take the job.  What he doesn’t know is that the very balance of power in the Ten Star System is in his hands.

Nick Daws’ “The Festival on Lyris 5” is a fun and entertaining short story reminiscent in style to Joss Wheadon’s Firefly with a touch of Asimov’s classic Foundation’s Edge thrown in.  Daws tells the story in first person which is perfect as the reader feels the same thing that troubles Barrett throughout – that something more may be going on than he is being told.  This fun and sometimes quirky short story is paced perfectly and introduces us to what feels like a prologue to something much greater at the same time the main story arc is satisfactorily closed in climactic fashion.  I especially enjoyed the story elements involving the issues of prejudice suffered by the telepaths and how they are “tracked” using mind sweepers.

I hope this is the beginning of future chapters in the Ten Star System.  At $0.99 on Kindle, this is a great read!


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