Book Review – Fire Season

The Fire Season – Battling Nature’s Fury

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Author: VH Folland
Format: Kindle, Paperback

At sixty years old, Matt is a crop dusting pilot who owns a private airstrip and loves to restore vintage airplanes.  Living in the beautifully forested valley of Brooke’s Vale, Matt and his friends share a passion for flying and their small community.  During the fire season, threatening lightening storms set fire around the region and all hands, even civilians, are called to help either fight the fire or help with evacuation efforts.  Matt does the best he can, but after witnessing the deaths of a family trapped by the fire his depression grounds him.  Once the winds change, however, and Brooke’s Vale is threatened Matt will have to find inner strength to save those he loves.

VH Folland’s “Fire Season” is the perfect novel to be made into a Family or Hallmark Channel movie.  The small town setting in the Vale is unique and the reader cannot help but be immersed by the wonderful narrative describing the natural beauty of the area.  At the same time, life can be tenuous during the fire season because in a moments notice, the isolation of their remote town can be a death trap.  Folland builds this tension throughout and at a wonderful pace.  He also demonstrates great command and love for piloting small craft.  I learned a considerable amount regarding the challenges and dangers of flying a crop duster not to mention the physical toll a pilot undergoes under normal circumstances, but with the additional challenge of cross winds and thermals created from a raging fire storm along with reduced visibility and a smoke filled cabin, it is downright harrowing!

Action, adventure, danger, and heroics abound in VH Folland’s “Fire Season” and readers are sure to enjoy this debut novel.  It is available in Paperback and is $3.45 on Kindle.


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