Book Review – The Power Behind the Throne: A Royal Thriller

The Power Behind the Throne – A Royal Thriller

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Author: Sally Nicoll
Format: Kindle

After decades of serving as the world’s most famous monarch, Queen Elizabeth lies on her death bed days away for succumbing to cancer.  The world readies itself for the reign of King Charles III. But one man can bring down the Monarchy – an American named Jack Hollander – and he doesn’t even know it.  Hunted by a shadow organization, Jack’s family and friends are taken out one by one as he searches for the truth that leads straight to Prince Charles himself.

Sally Nicoll’s “The Power Behind the Throne” is a fascinating look into England’s monarchy, its history, and its importance in England’s geopolitical position in the world.  What would the UK be like without its monarch?  Just another EU country?  Nicoll explores the fragile nature of the royal family and how they act as much more than a symbolic representation of England’s past.  She also illustrates how the monarchy’s power and influence is reliant on the public’s perception.

While some reviewers have commented that their suspension of disbelief had been stretched regarding the shadow organization hunting Jack Hollander and its associated power within the ranks of public officials, this did not bother me in the slightest.  What did frustrate me, however, were the choices Jack made regarding his flip flop feelings toward his girlfriend (she displays her own drastic back and forth feelings as well) and his sudden murderous plot toward his father.  These seemed a bit out of character disrupting the flow of the story.

None-the-less, I found “The Power Behind the Throne” to be an engrossing novel that had me reading “just one more chapter” keeping me up late at night.  The implications and future of the monarchy was fascinating and educational.  At only $0.99 on Kindle, “The Power Behind the Throne” is a bargain worth a look!


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