Book Review – The Royal Sheikh

The Royal Sheikh – An Arabian Romance

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Author: Katheryn Lane
Format: Kindle

Working for the UK firm Pillsby and Spooly to gain her qualification as an architect, Clare McKay learns that the firm is about to go under due to financial difficulties.  As luck would have it, after meeting a fellow art lover at an exhibit, Clare sketches a few concepts for him to how she would have improved the exhibit’s layout to better highlight the subject matter while being consistent with its cultural heritage.  Impressed as well as attracted to Clare, the gentleman invites Clare to his local home to do some design work for him.  When Clare learns the man is Prince Rafiq of Bahir, she realizes her new client and the work he offers may save the firm.  However, her budding romance with the Sheikh threatens to ruin more than just their deal.

Katheryn Lane’s “The Royal Sheikh”, is a light short romance novel that moves quickly.  As with most romance novels, there is some reason keeping our lovers apart – duty to family, career aspirations and responsibility, position or station in life, feelings not shared by one of the parties, distance, personalities, conflicting beliefs, etc.   In “The Royal Sheikh”, however, both parties are very attracted to one another and all things being equal want to be together with none of the above mentioned issues.  The main problems keeping them apart are a series of frustrating misunderstandings regarding each other’s motivations for their relationship – is he just a playboy using her? is she interested in him only to save her firm? and so on.

The novel was entertaining and a good “vacation read”.  I enjoyed Clare’s character – a strong woman making her way in a man’s world trying to make her mark at work while not denying herself a personal life.  A challenging balance for sure and Clare struggles with this but fights for what she believes.  For a different change of pace to the average romance novel, at $2.99 on Kindle, “The Royal Sheikh” is a good find!

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  1. Thank you so much for such a lovely review. I’m so glad you enjoyed my novel, THE ROYAL SHEIKH. Katheryn

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