Book Review – The Hunt

The Hunt – A Nice Twist to Vampire Lore

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Author: Linell Jeppsen
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Orphaned and terrified after witnessing the brutal slaying of his family at the hands of two vampires, Raphael prepares for his life to be taken next.  In a moment of weakness, however, the female vampire decides instead to turn Rapheal in to a half-breed – an unheard of atrocity in vampire society.  Not having the wings and other physical characteristics of a full bred vampire, Raphael does, however, inherit their longevity, strength, and special powers after being turned.  As the centuries pass, Raphael grows in influence making enemies of some while the very future of the vampire race hangs in his hands.

Linnell Jeppsen’s “The Hunt” takes an interesting twist to vampire lore chronicling the plight and downfall of full blooded vampires as a distinct race whose evolution has stalled threatening their extinction.  Told through multiple story arcs both in the past and present, all threads converge to a climactic and satisfying ending.

The most enjoyable arc for me and the one I choose to highlight in my summary, is Raphael’s story.  The sacrifices and hardships he endured while carrying the responsibility given him by the vampire king along with the dialogue, emotions, relationships, and descriptions were more engaging and real to me than those in the present day between Brian and Holly – two humans used by Rapheal’s enemies to exploit his weakness.  None-the-less, all arcs work well and compliment one another to move the story forward.

I enjoyed “The Hunt”.  It is a quick read and the rotation among the various stories kept the action and suspense moving nicely.  For those who enjoy vampire novels, this will make a nice addition to your collection at $3.99 on kindle.

Note: A complementary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.


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  1. You certainly read and enjoy a variety of books. This morning I read he Hot and Spicy dip book review and this one. I suppose one connection is that there is red stuff eaten in both. Smile.

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