Book Review – Sidekicks

Sidekicks – Great Fun!

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Author: Dan Santat
Format: Paperback, Hardcover

It’s tough being an aging super hero; sometimes it is even harder being an aging super hero’s pets!  Laid up for an extended period of time due to his peanut allergy, Captain Amazing starts his search for a sidekick to spread out all the hero work, his faithful pets decide perhaps they could have the job if they prove themselves worthy.  They take to the streets in a hilarious and entertaining romp where they encounter a great cast of villainous and friendly characters.

Dan Santat’s “Sidekicks” graphic novel is a wonderfully illustrated fun read.  It is like a cross between “The Incredibles” with its quirky set of superheroes and “Bolt’s” Rhino and Mittens characters.  There are good messages to kids sprinkled throughout regarding loyalty, being thoughtful, teamwork, thinking before acting, and my guess is kids won’t even know they are getting these gems because they will be so entertained.  After I finished reading this, my eleven-year-old read it in record time followed by my ten-year-old.  We all agree, Sidekicks is a kick!

Note: A complementary copy of this work was received by the Amazon Vine Program.


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