Book Review – Flidderbugs

Flidderbugs – A Compelling Political Fable

Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Author: Jonathan Gould
Format: Kindle

Making his way to Fleedenhall through the densely packed leaves on his side of the tree, Kriffle mentally prepares for the upcoming debate with Fargeeta – daughter of the leader of the Quadrigons.  For years, his own tribe – the Triplifers – have been at the mercy of the Quadrigons rule and their complete control of the Shears.  Without the coveted Shears, Kriffle’s side of the tree has overgrown making it barely livable and almost impassable.  Life has truly been challenging but Kriffle knows he has the truth on his side.  In fact, all around him the proof stares him in the face – leafs on the Krephiloff tree all have three points on them.  How the Quadrigons have convinced their followers that the leafs have four points is beyond him but it does not matter. The truth is clear.  Unfortunately, what Kriffle doesn’t yet realize yet is that there are many truths.

Just as he did in “Doodling”, Jonathan Gould once more demonstrates his expert command at creating adult fables.  In Flidderbugs, simple insects living their simple lives drive home universal messages regarding our daily political reality.  So convinced are both Flidderbug parties to their own truths, neither takes even a moment to consider the other side may have a valid perspective.  Afterall, one need only count the points on a leaf and know the answer or is the issue more complex?  Some tribe members don’t even bother to look at the leafs anymore and just take direction from their tribe’s leaders echoing whatever it is that they are told.  As a result, control of all of their futures lie with those who live on the borders willing to be swayed one way or another depending on who has the evidence and the best argument.  Ironically, these polarized positions have the unintended result of threatening the very lives of all Flidderbugs.

Gould is truly a master in this genre.  While directly applicable to politics, the messages here are also applicable to everyday personal interactions particularly with those who one may not see eye to eye with.  The key is not assuming the other person has ill or negative intent; that there may in fact be another truth.  As a further bonus, this book reads well for all ages making it truly enjoyable for everyone.

At $0.99 on Kindle, Flidderbugs should not be missed!

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.


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