Book Review – The Growing Dim Project

The Growing Dim Project – Band on the Run!

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Author: Nicholas McGirr
Formate: Kindle, Paperback

Crossman Jessica, Clint, Mike, and Justin , they are the band “The Growing Dim Project”.  An eclectic mix of musician’s, their emo group is an alternative performance rock band costumed in black garb playing to the light of candles in their regular haunt – The Sh*t Creek bar.  As they play their signature original and cover pieces on what is their best performance to date, the band and the crowd all feel something odd happening as the night progresses.  Cross, the bands founder and drummer is acting a bit odd.  A feeling of dread fills the room.  Something is about to happen as fate draws them inexorably forward…

Like the band members in the book, Nicholas McGirr’s “The Growing Dim Project” is an eclectic mix of styles and genres.  Told from multiple first person perspectives as well as third person occasionally, the first part of the book reads like a band documentary.  Through frequent flashbacks, we are introduced to the various band members, how they met, how The Growing Dim Project came to fruition and how all of these events brought them to what would become their final performance at Sh*t Creek.  About half way through the book, however, it becomes clear this isn’t just a documentary but something much much different.  Supernatural abilities emerge from Crossman and readers come to learn the Cross plays a pivotal roll in human history and is faced with a choice none of us would want to face.

The Growing Dim Project is a very different kind of book with true alternative / indie flair.  Though it is a fist in a series, the ending of this volume is climatic and resolves a number of story arcs while leaving clear a path to future chapters.  If you are looking for something different, consider picking up The Growing Dim Project.  It is $2.99 on Kindle.

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.


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