Book Review – Summer’s

Summer’s Journey Vol 1: Losing Control – Foreplay

Rating: 4 of 5
Author: Summer Daniels
Format: Kindle

Recently divorced and open to exploring a side of her sexuality she had previously hidden, Summer decides to use technology to find her man.  Inundated with inane emails from numerous men looking to hook-up, Summer wonders if perhaps there are any intelligent sensual men out there.  Then she comes across Mark online, an articulate man who captures her interest.  After agreeing to meet him, she finds herself very attracted to him.  Much to her surprise, he leaves her but offers a proposition.  Conflicted but intrigued, will Summer follow her passions?

Summer Daniels’ “Summer’s Journey Volume 1: Losing Control” is a masterfully crafted erotic tale.  This is a brief ebook which sets the stage as an initial chapter in her experience with Mark.  This volume is really an erotic appetizer.  The pace of seduction is perfect and Daniels weaves a well balanced conflict play between Summer’s desire to broaden her horizons without pushing so hard that Summer will retreat.  The author notes that this is a work of fiction, but told as a “real world” erotic memoir adds readers will be pulled in to an experience where they just might wonder how fictional it really is.

Warning, the ending is really just the beginning!  You won’t be able to resist picking up Volume 2.

Summer’s Journey Volume 1 is $2.99 on kindle.

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was received in return for a review.


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