Book Review – My Sister’s Funeral

My Sister’s Funeral – Murder from Down Under

Rating: 4 of 5
Author: Stephen Bush
Format: Kindle

Greeting mourners as they arrive at his sister Maria’s funeral, James knew this day was inevitable.  Though she had disappeared when he was only ten, the aftermath of that event had effected every aspect of his life including his troubled relationship with his parents, confused sexual urges, and eventual disintegration of his marriage.  But after all these years, the question still remained, what had happened, who had killed her, and why?  Was it one of these very people who had come to pay their respects or had fate already gotten even and taken the life of her murderer?

My Sister’s Funeral, by Stephen Bush, is a gripping murder mystery read.  Through vivid characterization, Bush describes an eclectic mix of friends and family all with varying motivations to have possibly committed the murder.  His unveiling of Maria’s past is well paced though at times it was bit difficult to follow the time line – what was happening in the present time versus the frequent flashbacks.  Bush is strong with his narrative and uses dialogue sparingly.

What I enjoyed most in this book, though, was how well Bush gets the reader inside James’ confused head and his need for closure on so many levels whether with his family, ex-wife, or his murdered sister.  And while Maria was killed, in many ways James suffered a longer and more painful torture that Bush conveys thoughtfully.  I will admit I had no idea who the murdered was until it was finally revealed; perhaps those more astute than I will pick up on the subtle clues and while the question of “who done it” drives the story forward, I think My Sister’s Funeral is best appreciated as a character exploration.

Note: A complementary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.


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