Book Review – Run, Run, Run

Run Run Run – Trust No-one when on the Run

Rating: 4 of 5
Author: Mark Capell
Format: Kindle

After witnessing a brutal murder, Dan Thompson decides to do his civic duty to ensure the man who has committed the crime is punished for his actions.  Unfortunately, that man is one of the country’s most wanted crime bosses.  Frank Tong, a crime family assassin, is sent to eliminate Dan and his wife, but government handlers arrive just ahead of Tong and whisk the couple away. To ensure their ongoing safety, the government removes all evidence of the couple’s old lives and enters them into the Witness Protection Scheme.  Unfortunately, Dan and Sally find the program is anything but safe and only through a bit of luck are they able to escape Tong’s clutches and go forever on the run.

Mark Capell’s “Run, Run, Run” is a wonderfully paced thriller.  I especially enjoyed the rich and multi-dimensional characters Capell creates.  The protagonist, Frank Tong, is a self-mutilating psychotic murderer but he is definitely not the stereotypical killer as Frank’s inner demons also evoke incredibly evocative artwork.  As for Dan and Sally not only is their relationship strained given their situation as each struggles with the lives they have lost but also the life they are creating both figuratively and literally.  Who are they becoming in their new fictionalized world?  This careful consideration and attention to characterization by Capell adds a depth to a what could have been just a nicely paced and engaging plot.

Finally, I enjoyed the interesting local that the UK provides in this novel – the Cornwall area is well described and the unique challenges faced by UK law enforcement add yet another wrinkle to the mix.

Capell’s Run, Run, Run is available on Kindle.

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.


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