Review – Draykon

Draykon – A Great Start to the Series

Rating: 4 of 5
Author: Charlotte E. English
Format: Kindle

While exploring near her home in Glinnery, young Llandry Sanfaer comes across a hidden cave whose walls are filled with a beautiful gemstone.  An amateur jewelry, she mines the gems subsequently fashioning them into rings, necklaces, and other items to sell at the local market. To her great surprise they become the desire of the seven realms selling out quickly.  But soon those wearing these precious stones are found injured or murdered by creatures previously believed to be extinct from the lower realms.  Summoners and Sorcerers alike are called upon to hunt and banish these creatures back to the lower realms and in the process they find the gates between worlds are appearing and opening uncontrolled and at alarming rates.  What is causing this shift in the balance between the worlds?  Who is hunting these precious stones and why? And how is it a small winged girl from Glinnery seems to hold the fate of the seven realms in her hands?

As I finished reading the final pages of Charlote English’s first book in the Draykon series I thought “Noooooo!” don’t let it end here!  The book builds to a nice and surprising climax and satisfactorily answers many questions, but clearly leaves the main story arc unresolved with Llandry.  Well done Ms. English.  I’m definitely interested in seeing where this series is going.  The premise of the seven realms and worlds connected through veiled gates is intriguing and English gives just enough information to describe these realms while leaving the reader to fill in the details.

The juxtaposition of Llandy, the poor girl from Glinnery and Eva, the High Summoner from Glour and how their stories evolve and intermingle is well executed and drives the plot forward along with mystery of the istore gem and the collapsing veil between the worlds.  The evolution of Llandy’s character as she finds herself drawn to the istore gem and her ability to connect with the animals around her when she wears it adds to the gem’s mysterious properties as well as Llandry’s nature.  Is she something more than she appears?  And why are the seven realms separated at all?

Fantasy readers will find familiar elements here but at the same time something quite fresh making Draykon definitely worth picking up.

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.


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