Book Review – Sadist: The Rise

Sadist: The Rise – Evil in the Projects

Rating: 4 of 5
Author: Kel Fulgham
Format: Kindle, Paperback

The progeny of a bizarre coupling between a beautiful young Jamaican immigrant and an old New York city cabbie, Cal Johnson is cursed.  As a young boy beaten into a six year coma by boys in the project, Cal awakens in his sixteen-year-old body with a nine-year-old brain.  His dreams take him to bizarre places where brutal murders of drug pushers and others who have committed various wrongs occur.  Not wanting to remember of even acknowledge these images, Cal wants to forget they have even occurred.  But when he sees his own teenage tormentor murdered, Cal realizes that the twined presence within him is responsible for all these evils and he desperately wants to rid himself of this beast.  But when the young girl he loves is raped and beaten, Cal wants to exact revenge and realizes embracing the beast is the only way to accomplish his task.  But will Cal loose himself to this evil or will he be able to save himself and others before it is too late?

Kel Fulgham’s “The Sadist” is a methodically paced novel fusing together multiple story lines over a period of years.  The slow temptation and transformation of evil as Cal first resists then somewhat accepts and finally embraces the anonymous uncontrolled power is troubling to witness but serves as a reminder for how one’s own actions and beliefs can be slowly warped over time through incremental, seemingly small insignificant steps, until it is too late.  The road to hell, is as they say, paved in good intentions.

The Sadist is written with great intention, carefully crafting its story with a series of interactions between the various characters that might at first appear to be insignificant until later chapters connect the dots.  This could be frustrating for readers who are drawn to more fast paced action thriller types of reads but these narratives are balanced by the brutal murders the sadist commits which quickly ramp the pace.  For those on the squeamish side, be aware these crimes are and graphically described.

Overall, however, “The Sadist” was an engaging and intriguing read.

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.


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