Book Review – Wired

Wired: Fun, Fast Paced, Innovative

Rating: 5 of 5
Author: Douglas E Richards
Format: Kindle

Brilliant scientist Kira Miller discovers a breakthrough that will change humanity forever – the ability to substantially increase human intelligence.  Unfortunately, it comes with horrifying side effects – psychotic megalomaniac tendencies.  After her secret is stolen, she finds herself framed and on the run from a government that believes she is terrorist enemy number one.

Or is she really being framed?

Has her enhanced intelligence allowed her to create a scenario so complex that “normal” humans can’t appreciate whatever master plan she has created.  David Desh, former special forces, is contracted to find Miller at all costs and he must answer this very question. The wrong answer has dire consequences not only for himself but for all of humanity.

Douglas E Richards “Wired” is simply a fun book to read.  Are their items one could argue with on the science – sure – but for the most part Richards keeps everything consistent throughout.  There were wonderful plot twists and turns and each time I was certain I knew who the good guys were, something else would happen that would shake my confidence.  This, along with a Dan Brownesque pace, kept the kindle pages moving.

I also appreciated the “limits” Richards put on the technology which was a brilliant move.  Without them, this high concept novel could have degenerated quickly.  I don’t know how Richards could write a sequel (perhaps a prequel would be easier), but I’d pick it up in a heartbeat.


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  1. i want to no what age it is for some one please tel me 🙂

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