Book Review: Pimp Ur Blog

Pimp Ur Blog: Leveraging Social Media for Exposure

Rating: 4 of 5
Author: Paul Rice, Messie Jessie
Format: Kindle, epub

Whether you are a blogger looking for more visibility or an author struggling to find and gain an audience, one thing is for sure – leveraging social media can be one key to success.  But should you use twitter, facebook, myspace, linkedin, google+, live journal, goodreads, wordpress, ning, meetup, mylife…? And what does SEO mean – argh! Endless opportunities, endless options, unfortunately, none of us has endless time.

This is where Paul Rice and Messie Jessie have done the work for you in Pimp Ur Blog.  The authors have done considerable research and Rice has experimented with a number of techniques, measured their success and impact, and shares the results for readers along with recommendations.  Rice is extremely thorough; research, experimentation, measuring and iterating his approach are his expertise.  While presentation of this level of detail could become dry, Messie Jessie balance the material with her practical experience and witty banter.

Written for both the novice and those more advanced, everyone will find more than a few kernels of wisdom from Pimp Ur Blog.

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.

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  1. Mary A. Berger

    Just when I was thinking seriously about going on Facebook with my book pitch, along comes this fantastic sounding guide. I’ve decided to look at it before making any moves.
    Thanks for this great review.

  2. I’ve actually recently been thinking about this subject myself, so I might check this book out. Thanks for reviewing it and bringing it to our attention.

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