Book Review – How to Save the World: An Alien Comedy

How to Save the World: An Alien Comedy – A Geordie Comedic Sci/Fi Adventure – It is only the beginning…

Rating: 4 of 5
Author: Charles Fudgemuffin
Format: Kindle

After playing one of their more intense games of “Would You Rather…” Eric, Monty and Garth happen upon an alien spacecraft.  Unfortunately for Eric, he awakens to find not only has he been the only one captured by the aliens but that they are just about to start their sick Alien experiments… then their masks come off and Eric meets Asleev and Jixyl – a couple of other worldly pranksters just putting one over on the human.  But not is all fun and games and eventually Eric learns the human race is indanger from another alien species. Fortunately, Asleev and Jixyl have a plan and Eric is the key.  His task? Snog as many aliens as possible. The good news – the aliens are mighty fit and lush lasses.  The bad news – Eric doesn’t know the whole story – flip!

“How to Save The World” by Charles Fudgemuffin, is funny.  Think Monty Python meets Saturday Night Live funny.  To be honest, just the Geordie accent alone is funny to me. Though after reading page after page I almost starting talking this way with my family.  This book has a lot of dialogue – a whole lot of dialogue. The conversations remind me of the type of banter I had with friends in my college days after a number of drinks at the bar where we would discuss relationships, politics, sports, you name it and in our drunken state we thought we were having the deepest insights about everything when in reality it was all mostly just a bit of drunken patter.  Most of this is quite funny, but like some Saturday Night Live skits, there are times when these comedic exchanges go on a bit too long and I wanted the plot to advance faster. My other caution is that this is only book one, so for those of you looking for a tidy conclusion, you are going to have to wait for the next couple of installments.

None-the-less, this is an entertaining humorous read. The style of humor is likely one that will not resonate with everyone, so grab a sample from Amazon or Charles’ website and find out.  If you like the sample, you’ll enjoy the rest.

Note: A complimentary copy of this novel was provided in return for a review.


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