Book Review: The College Solution

The College Solution – A Great Guide in Understanding How Colleges Provide Aid and Awards

Rating: 4.5 of 5
Author: Lynn O’Shaughnessy

This book is like a reader’s digest guide to college costs, aid, awards and maximizing the opportunities to reduce costs. By explaining how colleges manage their finances and the information available on the internet, O’Shaughnessy lifts back the curtain on how colleges must operate to stay in the black, whether private or public, and how knowing these facts can save you significantly on paying for college.

For example, two fundamental keys to managing college costs are calculating and knowing your expected family contribution (EFC) and matching this with a school’s net price calculator (NPC). Knowing what factors affect your EFC and how this along with scores from standardized tests can help or hinder chances at awards and aid are critical.

Armed with the facts in this book, students and parents can save significantly and maximize their education dollar. This book also provides insights on how to evaluate colleges, their admission processes, and increasing a students chances at acceptance and financial awards. This edition is a great guide and starting point for those looking forward to their college career.


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