Book Review: Lady Grace

Lady Grace (Tales from Earth’s End II) – Big and Small fight for the Future of Humanity

Rating: 5 of 5
Author: Sandy Nathan
Format: Kindle, Paperback

After centuries on the golden planet and being treated as little more than a procreation pet by the Goldies, Jeremy Edgarton demands to be returned home – to Earth – to usher in the rebirth of humanity and ensure that those who survived the world’s end have not fallen victim to The General.  But on his return, Jeremy finds something much much worse than he could have imagined. Reunited with his mother Veronica, his love Ellie, and his exiled friends, he fights to liberate the few remaining humans enslaved by the “Bigs”.  But are they too late, and is the Bigs’ power more than they can overcome? Worse yet, will they be betrayed by the Goldies jeopardizing the future of humanity forever?

Sandy Nathan’s “Lady Grace” is the second offering in the Tales from The World’s End series.  It is similar in style to the first book and this chapter has readers visiting Earth centuries after the world’s end.  Building on book one while adding some startling new characters along with a merger of a few characters from her Numenon series, Nathan creates an unlikely group of protagonists who must band together in a struggle against the Bigs.  By far the most intriguing story arc involves what has happened in the underground after generations of inbreeding results in the evolutionary mutation of The Bigs.  Armed with an even more powerful version of “The Voice” inherited from their progenitor, the Bigs rule with complete mind control.  I will admit that the resolution of the battle with the Bigs was completely unexpected; I’ll leave out those details for readers to discover on their own.  I’ll also admit that the last sentence of the book, which happens to be question, was the most unique I have ever read.

Readers who enjoyed book one, will most certainly enjoy this next book in the series.

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.


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