Book Review – Stay Safe Crime Map of San Francisco

Stay Safe Crime Map of San Francisco: Best for iPad

Author: Michael Gard
Rating: 4 of 5
Format: Kindle

When visiting another city, even wonder where to stay. Many times guide
books tell you where the attractions are – restaurants, clubs, museums,
etc. But what about crime? Where are the places that tourists might
want to avoid? In the Stay Safe Series, Michael Gard provides this
information. Using individual maps of San Francisco neighborhoods,
Gard crosshatches those areas which historically have experienced higher

I like the idea of this “book” and Gard does a nice job providing some
good general travel and stay safe information along with his maps.
While a lot of this may be common sense, they are good reminders for
us all.

The map information is the key to this series and are best viewed using
the kindle App an iPad. My regular black and white Kindle 2 shows the
maps but they are much harder to see. And while one can zoom in on the
pictures using the iPad, which is very useful, I have yet to figure out
how to rotate the maps within the app itself (an alternative is to take
a screen shot of the map by holding the on/off and home button on your
iPad and opening up your iPad photo app and rotating and zooming the map
image). I almost think that this concept would be better executed as a
stand alone iPhone or iPad app which could be easily updated and
downloaded as new information is available. Furthermore, viewing maps
and such are likely more easily done in an App versus embedded within a
kindle book. Perhaps the new Kindle Fire solves these constraints.

Regardless, overall good information for travelers looking for something
beyond the normal guidebook information.

Note: A complementary copy of this work was provided in return for a


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