Book Review – A Talebearer’s Awakeing

A Talebearer’s Awakening – Inkheart meets Harry Potter

Author: H.J. Moe
Rating: 4 of 5
Format: Kindle

Issy Jones felt a familiar pang of nostalgia on her twelfth birthday as she sat in her dad’s study. Yet something was different. It had been twelve years since the car accident, but for some strange reason she felt closer to him now than she had in a long time. Then there were the unexplained changes in her senses. It was as if something had just clicked inside; Issy could hear better, see better (out went her glasses!), and her once clumsy self was suddenly a force to be reckoned with in gym. Issy could have written it off to just simply her maturing body, but when a passage she had written in her journal came to pass in real life, Issy new something much more powerful, something associated with her dad and his death was going on. Little did she know just how right she was and soon Issy and her best friend Michelle are thrust into the world of talebearers on a quest to save their future.

H.J. Moe’s, A Talebearer’s Awakening, is an engaging tale for middle grade readers. Similar to Funke’s Inkheart series, Moe takes the reader on a journey of what it would be like to create worlds by the power of words and storytelling. The strongest aspects of Moe’s work are the action packed chapters involving Issy and her best friend Michelle overcoming either tormenting peers on field trips or the fantastical characters encountered in worlds brought to life by talebearers.

The legend of the talebearers, the use of their tools, and creation of worlds was wonderfully rich and serves as the foundation for greater adventures and while Moe’s characters themselves are not overly complex, middle grade readers will appreciate the book for what it is – a unique and fun read.

After reading this volume, readers will surely be clamoring for more of Issy’s adventures and continuing the lore of the talebearers!

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.


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  1. This book was so interesting! I cannot wait to read more!!!!!

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