Book Review – The King’s Ransom

The King’s Ransom – Arthurian Middle Grade Adventure

Author: Cheryl Carpinello
Rating: 4 of 5
Format: Kindle

When the King’s ransom is stolen and one of his men murdered,young soon-to-be knights Gavin, Philip, and Bryan decide to make inquiries of their own.  But when they learn the man who introduced them and taught them swordsmanship is accused of the crime, their curiosity in the case turns deadly serious.  They vow to find the truth.  But time is running out.  King Arthur is soon to arrive, and if they have not learned the truth by then, their friend will be put to death!

Cheryl Carpinello’s – The King’s Ransom – is a wonderful page turning story that both boys and girls alike will enjoy.  This middle grade book introduces readers to the world of Arthurian legend through the eyes of its young protagonists.   Honor, friendship, mystery and adventure are all here and Carpinello keeps the pace moving; young readers will find it difficult to put the book down.  Her characters are exceptionally well developed and what I liked most is while each of them comes from very different backgrounds – the king’s son, the orphan whose family died of the plague, and the blacksmith’s apprentice – their friendship transcends their station and together they fight for what is right.

This volume is the first in what is sure to be a favorite series for young readers who are fans of this genre.  And lest you think this is a simple straight forward plot line, think again!  Carpinello throws in a couple of fun and entertaining plot twists at the end letting readers know, that there is much more to come!

Note: A complimentary copy of this novel was provided in return for a review.


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