Book Review – This Honest Man

This Honest Man – Blade Runner meets Lee Child’s Jack Reacher

Rating: 4 of 5
Author: Robert J. Sullivan
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Sam Dane looked across at his client and wondered if she truly knew what she was asking from him given what he thought the resulting investigation would uncover.  Isla Beauchesne was not an attractive woman, not necessarily unattractive but given her murdered husband was quite the looker, Sam figured the answer to who and why he was killed would not be one Isla would want to hear.  None-the-less, he took the case, and soon found a story more complex than he imagined.  Off-world megalomaniac drug cartel lords, playboy rich sons of greed, a beach party vacation town for the rich and famous, and political and alien race relations nightmares, are just some of the troubles Sam finds himself in the middle of.  Will he find the killer before everyone involved ends up dead, even Mrs. Beauchesne?

“This Honest Man”, is a unique fusion of science fiction and police procedural/detective genres.  If you are thinking Blade Runner, you’d be a little off – this is a detective story based in the future with future technologies, travel between, planets, some AI here and there, but even with the various alien races this is less about the science fiction and more about a murder investigation.  In fact, this type of story could very well take place in modern day, it just so happens it all takes place in the future.  One risk in this type of genre twist is that the sci/fi portions could distract but in fact they are woven well into the story and it is fairly easy to be drawn in to the everyday world in which Sam Dane operates.  Uncovering who the murderer was and why it happened is plotted and paced well and there are enough turns and action in the story to keep things moving.  Sullivan’s protagonist – Dane – is a flawed character and a bit of a loner, but he does know how to have a good time and take advantage of a situation and turn it to his favor which I find refreshing and ‘real’.

For those looking for hard core sci/fi, look elsewhere.  But if you enjoy a good detective story and want something a little different, give the Sam Dane series a try.  “This Honest Man”, is the second in the series.

Note: A complimentary copy of this novel was provided in return for a review.


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