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Book Review – Belmundus

Belmundus: A Complex and Compelling Tale

Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Author: Edward C. Patterson
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Admired and captivating, young actor of stage and screen Harris Cartwright found the world his oyster.  Able to have anything or anyone – man or woman for that matter – Harris lived the dream of many until the day he saw her.  Something about her was different and he had to have her – Charminus Montjoy – she had him under his spell.  And after pursuing and finding her at Mortis House outside of New York, Harris experienced what was the most satisfying but bizarre encounter of his entire life.  He soon learned what he already believed to be true – Charminus was no ordinary girl and when he awoke not in New York but in an entirely different land, an entirely different world, Harris’ life changed forever.  Now in the land of Farn and one of the consorts of Septa Charminus, one of three sisters, Harris is determined to find a way home and become something more than just a consort.  He would become Lord Belmundus and his power and impact in this world would go beyond anything anyone would have fathomed.

Having read a number of Patterson’s books, what amazes me is both how prolific he is and how comfortably he writes in any genre.  I suppose I would put Belmundus in a fantasy, adventure, sci/fi mash-up genre.  This is quite the epic and the world building is substantial with its characters, politics, geography, animals, language, and so on.  In fact there are so many new words introduced that I occasionally had to double back to confirm my understanding.

What is consistent in any Patterson book or genre, is the exceptional character development throughout – never does one find a cardboard cutout in a Patterson novel.  I think my favorite characters are what I will affectionately refer to as the side-kick.  In Belmundus, this is embodied in Yustichisqua, Harris’ “Trone” or servant but oh so much more.  From a race made to be subservient, the Cetrones, Yustichisqua is offered to Harris who quickly raises Yustichisqua’s station from servant to something much more important to the dismay of many.

Belmundus is a complex epic and will be enjoyed by those who relish exploring new worlds and  races, and plots infused with political intrigue and rich deep characterization.  This is quite the tome, so block some major time to ensure your full emersion into all Patterson has to offer.

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.

Book Review – In My Time of Dying

In My Time of Dying – A Haunting Love Story

Rating: 4 of 5
Author: J.K. Walker
Format: Kindle, Paperback

In a moment, their lives and future changed forever.  David and Angel were settling in for what had become a favorite pastime of bad movie night when it all went wrong.  The gunshot sent David into action but it was too late, the pizza-man costumed assassin had already put one slug into Angel.  By the time their friend Jazz had arrived to help, the assassin had disappeared and David was moments from death.  His need to protect Angel followed him into the afterlife and now a ghost, David struggles to understand his new reality, how to protect his love from suffering his own fate as the assassin remains at large, but also how to let go before it is too late and his obsession destroys everyone.

“In My Time of Dying” is a thoughtful and heartwrenching addition to J.K. Walker’s Salt Lake After Dark series.  This installment continues on with the supernatural were-people we’ve come to know, and the humor and characterizations that make these stories so engaging remain; the added dimension here (no pun intended) is the intense love story and what one would do to protect those they love and knowing ultimately what is best for them may not be congruent with one’s own beliefs.

Told primarily from David’s perspective, I especially enjoyed his learning of what “rules” govern his new reality as he is mentored by one who came before him, but also the subtle downward trajectory David takes as he struggles to face the reality of what he can and can’t do and what love really is.

Those who have already enjoyed this series will appreciate this chapter and all it offers as the world Walker has created becomes richer with each telling.

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.