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Book Review – Soul Identity

Soul Identity – The “Eyes” Have It

Rating: 4 of 5

Author: Dennis Batchelder
Available: Paperback, Kindle

As the old saying goes, “The Eyes are the window to the Soul”.In Dennis Batchelder’s Soul Identity, this is more than a figure of speech.Rather, it is the premise behind a twenty-six hundred year old organization tasked with finding, recording, and managing their clients’ soul lines.Similar to a finger print, a persons eyes, specifically their iris patterns is unique – at least while they are alive.At some future point after their death, their iris pattern may repeat in a new body.It is this unique pattern that identifies that this new body carries the same soul line as the previous body.

But in the present day, the organization – aptly named “Soul Identity” – is finding it harder and harder to match soul lines – especially the company overseer souls – even though technology has made it easier to capture, read, catalogue and compare iris patterns.Could it be this same technology is actually preventing this company from its mission?Is someone using this technology against them?

In comes Scott Waverly, a security and technology expert hired to find the answers and save “Soul Identity” and its millions of soul lines from disappearing forever.Though skeptical of the company’s claims, Waverly quickly finds himself in the middle of a philosophical, technological, and life threatening affair which has him jet setting around the world to save the company as well as his life.

In his debut novel, Dennis Batchelder has created a fast paced barnstormer similar to the likes of Lincoln Child in novels such as “Death Match” and “Utopia”.Though taking on the questions of immortality through the possible reincarnation of souls, Batchelder, similar to his fictional “Soul Identity” overseer Archibald Morgan, does not delve too deeply into the philosophical and spiritual implications of this “technology”.Rather, the novel relies on the wonderfully written dialogue and suspenseful situations the protagonists must overcome to solve the mystery behind who is trying to destroy “Soul Identity” and why.

This novel is a very engaging read and I would encourage anyone who enjoys novels such as those written by Lincoln Child, to consider purchasing Soul Identity – you are sure to enjoy it.The book ends with a few teaser preview chapters from the sequel which looks equally good if not better.I, for one, am anxiously awaiting the release of Batchelder’s next book.