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Book Review: Fracture – The Secret Enemy Saga

Fracture: A Shadow World of Fantasy and Magic

Rating: 4 of 5
Author: Virginia McKevitt
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Only after her mother and step-father’s brutal murders and her subsequent encounter with a lion-esque man named Tegrin, does Kristina realize that her visions of a shadow world are more than just visions; they are a window across the fracture joining Earth and Patwain.  She learns from Tegrin of the evil that has crossed to Earth – The Couton – a beautifully angelic race gifted withe ability to steal memories.  Unfortunately, human memories are more potent than anything they had previously encountered.  Potent to the point of addiction as the incredible high peaks when every last memory extracted leaving behind a lifeless husk.  And now that the fracture and human memories are known to The Couton, it may be too late to stop them.

Virgina McKevitt’s, Fracture: The Secret Enemy Saga, is an interesting twist on the fantasy genre.  It is very difficult to take the majority of a story whose setting is in the “real world” and blend in fantasy characters and make it truly believable. Take the movie “Enchanted” for example, I was never committed to the premise because of this.  But there are exceptions like “Starman” that have such great characterization, that it is easy to believe and become completely absorbed in the story.  Fortunately, MCKevitt does this effortlessly.  Her characters are deep, complex, and compelling and their relationships evolve at just the right pace.  My only complaint would be the time spent in Patwain, it felt a bit abbreviated and I would have liked to have seen Kristina’s education and evolution of her ability explored a bit more.  However, I have hopes that this will come in future volumes of the story as this is the first in a series.

Overall, my favorite is character is Tegrin.  His soul is tortured in so many ways – his people’s history, the betrayal of his lover, the very nature of his job and responsibilities, and his deep belief that he onlyl to serve and does not deserve happiness.

For those who enjoy something a little different in the fantasy genre, check out “Fracture: The Secret Enemy Saga” and you too will be anxiously awaiting the release of the second volume.

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.

Book Review: The Sword and the Rose

The Sword and the Rose – Fun and Engaging Middle Grade Fantasy Series

Author: Robert Iannone
Rating: 5 of 5
Format: Kindle

M’Earth, King of all Aeriaana and its inhabitants of humans, dragons, and sea serpents, posses the Crystal Egg and its magic making him all powerful. Tranquility exists throughout the land, with one exception, the king’s daughter – Rose’Alynnia. At ten-years-old, she is as precocious as they come and the King decides it is time for her to learn perspective in order to be a wise and thoughtful future ruler. So M’Earth sent her off to learn from the dragons and the serpents their history and ways of the world. Years passed, Rose matures, and when a strange man comes to their world, she alone sees the evil within him. But is she too late, will the man take the Egg and control all that they had fought so hard to create?

Robert Iannone’s “The Sword and the Rose” has all the elements of a classic book for middle grade children. He wonderfully portrays Rose’s character, showing her wonderment as a child moving to adulthood as well as her flaws of seeing the world through a narrow perspective. Instead of telling readers how they should behave, they learn as Rose learns about her world, not from other humans but dragons and serpents which wonderfully conveys how we all can learn something from those who are very different from us. The archetype “bad guy” comes and Rose must sacrifice much in order to save the future of her world. Her transformation throughout the book is a wonderful lesson to young readers.

This is the prequel to a much larger series of books in this world. If you have young readers looking for something just a little bit different but still solidly based in fantasy, pick up this prequel. They are sure to enjoy the introduction to this world.

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.