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Book Review: Generation X to Generation Next

Lessons from Generation X to Generation Next: Snippets of Insight

Rating: 4 of 5
Author: McKenzie McPherson
Format: Kindle, Paperback

One of the greatest challenges a parent faces is to teach their children to avoid the mistakes they made growing up.  To see their progeny make their same errors is heartbreaking when they know how easily they could be avoided.  Unfortunately, children frequently don’t listen to their parents favoring instead their peers’ or other adults’ advice.  McKenzie McPherson’s “Lessons from Generation X to Generation Next” provides just this surrogate advice.

McPherson covers a lot of ground in “Lessons from Generation X to Generation Next” from Family and Health to Finances and Spirituality.  It is clear the author has made a number of decisions in her formative years that she wishes she could redo with the experience of hindsight at her side.  From this learnings, she wishes to impart her wisdom to others who still have a chance to make better choices.  However, the power of her experiences aren’t conveyed which then lessens the impact of her subsequent advice.  While each chapter starts with a few paragraphs of McPherson’s overall thoughts, the rest of the chapter is a series of small snippets of information – almost like a daily reminder – perhaps better suited for a desk calendar.  These reminders, are for the most part, good and appropriate.  Unfortunately, I’m not certain the target audience would heed them any more than if a parent said them because they aren’t tied to any personal stories from McPherson that readers can relate to.

Overall, the book provides strong positive messages though I would have preferred fewer snippets and more anecdotes for readers to connect to.

Note: A complimentary copy of this book was provided in return for a review.