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Book Review – Final Passage Book 3 in The Prisoner and the Sun Series

Final Passage – Book 3 in The Prisoner and the Sun Series; the Epic Series Conclusion!

Rating: 4.5 of 5
Author: Brad Magnarella
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Years after so many had sacrificed so much to unite the Fythe and Garrott, Iliff finds life with Skye and Troll’s son Tradd to be more than he would have imagined possible.  However as the years march forward, it becomes clear to Iliff that Skye is aging and soon she too will join the fallen who have gone before her and then is no way to stop it.  Or is there?  The Sun – his journey to the Sun, which has been distracted to so many times may be the answer.  Convinced this is the only chance to save Skye as well as her fallen people, together the search the lads to find the path.  But their travelings lead them unfulfilled.  Both their physical journeys and reaching out to places with their awareness provide no clue until an aged traitor returns with the answer.  But how can they journey to The Far Place where the fallen go, if they themselves have not fallen?

Brad Magnarella’s Final Passage is the Third and final book in the Prisoner and the Sun Trilogy.  From the first book’s opening pages I was immediately hooked into this unique fantasy world.  What was this journey to the Sun?  What did it mean?  Who was the old man Salvatore?  If the journey to the Sun was so impossible yet fulfilling, how and why had he ever come back to the prison?  And, for that matter, what was the prison?  So many questions.  Questions that drove my curiosity to continue reading and follow Illif’s quest.  I will admit I feared reading the final chapters.  Two concerns came to mind – the first was what if the author punted and I never got answers to these questions, the second was worse yet, what if the answers were there but were not worth the journey? Well, they answers are there and to me I was very satisfied when I finished the final pages.

The Prinsoner and the Sun is a unique series with wonderfully unique and complex characters.  This is one series, I wholeheartedly enjoyed.

Note: A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for an honest review.