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Book Review: Destiny of the Sands

Destiny of the Sands: Book Two of the Series

Rating: 4 of 5
Author: Rai Aren, Tavius E
Format: Kindle, Paperback

10,000 BC: before the time of the ancient Egyptians – King Traeus leads his people, the Kierani, after the devastating destruction brought on by the betrayal of Lord Draxen and the detonation of a power Traeus wished he had never created.  The loss of the King’s wife and daughter haunt him and while rebuilding of the palace and city continue.  But all that changes the day he learns his daughter is still alive, though someone else thought long dead still remains to undo the King’s plans…
Present day: Having survived the harrowing experience of unlocking the secrets and the destruction long held dormant under the Sphinx – Alex, Mitch, Bob and Alex are once more called to action to save their colleagues as well as the world from the plans of a modern day Nazi bent on harnessing the power of the ancient Kierani.

In Destiny of the Sands, book two in the Secret of the Sands Series, Rai Aren and Tavius E once more take readers through a journey of two timelines – present day and ancient Egypt.  Whereas in the first book the voice in these two periods is very distinct and occasionally uneven, this book is much more polished with both story lines equally compelling.  The Kierani, their background and their legacy, is further explored and woven in the tapestry of an engaging tale.  I found the pace and action sustained throughout and the book moves along rapidly.  There are a couple of twists and turns at the end and while main story arc is resolved, there is just enough left open to provide the foundation for what is likely the final offering in the next book of the series.

For those who enjoyed Secret of the Sands, you won’t be disappointed in book two.

Note: A complimentary copy of this novel was provided in return for a review.