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Book Marketing – Tip From Vince McConeghy on The Creative Penn

Interesting post on “Old School Book Marketing Techniques for the Digital Age”.  Here’s the lead in; for the full post check the link below…


“As an aspiring Indie writer, I am grateful for the confluence of events that has led me down the path of self-published actualization.  Now, if only I were a better writer, perhaps then I might someday realize a dream of mine to become the Mickey Spillane of the restaurant mystery/suspense genre, and my main character -Frank Bruno- regarded as the Mike Hammer of food detectives.

The writing part, I figure, will take care of itself. Implicit in that assumption is the commitment to work hard, study craft, read, write, re-write and only then share my work with an editor. Yes, I said editor, because if you do not have someone who can reach beyond your grammatical shortcomings-and help you realize an authentic voice- then you probably will not achieve your full potential as a writer.

But what about the business side of your writing career?”…


Check out Vince’s full article here…