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Book Review – The Ezekiel Code

The Ezekiel Code – There are no Coincidences

Rating: 4 of 5

Author: Gary Val Tenuta
Available: Paperback

After taking over as director of a homeless shelter, seminarian dropout Ezekiel “Zeke” Banyon stumbles upon a mysterious document listing a strange series of phrases and numbers in his predecessor’s office.He and Angela Martin, a recently hired employee of the shelter, become fascinated with the odd phrases and codes.They set out on a journey which leads them to believe that the English Alphabet may in fact be a cipher of some kind; that built into the very fabric of the language itself are coded messages that have been there for centuries.But where did this code come from?What message does it contain?What are the implications to humanity?

Zeke and Angela soon find they are not the only ones interested in discovering the secret of the code.Other more nefarious and conspiratorial organizations’ power and future are in Zeke’s hands.Some want to protect him while others want him destroyed.

Gary Tenuta’s Ezekiel Code has elements of Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” as well as the adventure of Preston and Child’s “The Ice Limit”.Mostly, however, this novel is like an entire season of the X-files packed into one book.Tenuta covers a lot of ground and topics including: acoustic levitation, out of body experiences, area 51, ancient Catholic Church and Jesuit secrets, Mayan calendars and predictions, Isis and the great pyramids, Gematria, parallel universes, the Illuminati, conspiratorial organizations, parallel universes, electronic voice phenomenon, and more.This requires a fairly high suspension of disbelief factor by the reader and Tenuta does a good job integrating these diverse concepts into the story.

While English Gematria, which is the assignment of numerical equivalents of words usually associated with Hebrew, is the main concept driving the Ezekiel code, the pace of the novel can occasionally be interrupted by its frequent appearance.Regardless, I found myself engaged throughout the story and googling a number of the curious and fascinating concepts raised in order to learn more about them.Gary has clearly done considerable research in writing this novel.Fans of the X-files will enjoy The Ezekiel Code.