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Book Review – Fallen Eyes

Fallen Eyes – Another Great Addition to the Series

Rating: 4 of 5
Author: J.K. Walker
Format: Paperback, Kindle

After the video of her transforming into a were-leopard went viral, Jazz and the supernatural community have been “outed”.  As if living under the scrutiny and spotlight by those who find her at best fascinating or freak wasn’t challenging enough, a series of new local brutal murders and her responsibility of pack Alpha push Jazz to a dark and lonely place.  Unable to fully recover from the effects that Sanguine ravaged on her body, Jazz is no longer able to perform even with all her power.  And when the hunt for this new killer brings her face to face with her past, a past she thought was long behind her, Jazz faces a force that she and even the most powerful person she knows is no match for.  How does one kill something that isn’t alive?

Fallen Eyes, by J.K. Walker, is book four in the Salt Lake After Dark Series.  With each book, the depth with which we understand the characters is further deepened.  Walker takes us into the mind of a young woman who questions who and what she really is and what she is becoming?  To protect those she loves, she has done and must continue to do horrendous things and the toll on her body is inconsequential compared to the toll on her psyche.  This chapter of the story expertly balances the introspective moments, the action, the tender interludes, all while building to the climactic and unexpected conclusion.  The more this world comes alive, the more convinced I am this would be a powerful series to produce for television.  If anyone from the CW is reading, take note – this series is a winner.

For loyal readers, book four is yet another strong chapter.  I continue to be impressed how Walker creates one impossible situation after another introducing antagonists more powerful than their predecessor leaving me wondering how Jazz and her friends can possibly overcome such foes.  Yet, he does so effortlessly and with no hint of “dues ex machina” most writers would succumb to for resolution.  Pick up a copy, this is yet another an excellent overall read!
Note: A complimentary copy of this novel was provided in return for a review.

Book Review – Gleaming White

Gleaming White – Vampire Romance

Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Author: Terra Harmony
Format: Kindle

Never staying in one place for any period of time, Isabelle travels with her mother staying one step ahead of the evil that stalks them.  Generations of her family have been plagued not only with a unique disease, but because of it, her kind are made irresistible to those that had taken her sister – Gabriella – whose death years earlier still haunts Isabelle.  Her hope is to not suffer the same fate.  All is well until one night Isabelle finds herself surrounded by a gang of young vampires.  Just before they are about to strike, an Elder vampire – Xavier – saves her from the pack.  Their shared attraction is immediate, unquenchable, and dangerous as both face a future that could destroy both of them.

Terra Harmony’s, “Gleaming White” is a short quick read.  Another offering in the vampire genre, this novel is a little more adult than most of its young adult contemporaries given its more intimate passages.  I was a bit frustrated with Isabelle’s somewhat helpless “fatal attraction” to Xavier, but I did, none-the-less enjoy Harmony’s take on the vampire elders and their responsibility for humanity.  I also enjoyed the interesting and engaging backstory of Isabelle’s family as well as the events which caused her sister’s demise.

Gleaming White is a good read and at only $0.99 is quite a bargain.  Harmony’s writing and characters are engaging and the twist at the end gives readers a nice satisfying treat.

Note: A complementary copy of this work was provided in return for a review.